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2015-03-19 11:40 pm
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Cornrowtop for males all ages

Nat requested at GoS a small gap fix for this FtM conversion by Trapping. I fixed the gap but then decided that I wanted the mesh to show for all ages, so I converted it for teens and used melodie9's child and toddler meshes, which I edited to remove unnecesary groups. Then I recolored Trapping's volatile texture in the colors I use.

The bad part is that, since I created a new mesh and texture files, this mesh won't work for older recolors you have. But you can always create new ones that match your game, let's focus on the silver linings!

Works for all ages.
Elders go grey, grey linked to black.

Around 400 faces, very low.

EAxis for the original mesh.
Trapping for the AM mesh and the texture.
Melodie9 for the child and toddler mesh.
Pooklet for the colors.
Nat for the request.