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Skinnies with Yuxis Sneakers for AF

HurricaneTaylor made some requests at GoS, and a couple of them got my attention. One of them was this new mesh, which combines Trapping/Kayleigh skinnies with some awesome sneakers by Yuxi which I hadn't seen before because I've been so out of the loop. They come in four colors: black with white sneakers, grey with white sneakers, white with black sneakers and grey with black sneakers.

Proper shoe sounds and tooltips

Mesh info:
Polycount: 2118 faces, 1527 vertices
All morphs.

HurricaneTaylor for the request.
Trapping and Kayleigh for the pants mesh and textures.
Yuxi for the sneakers mesh and texture.

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I replied on Gos too, but I also wanted to comment here and say thank you so much for these <3 I've been wanting them forever and you did them so quickly too :D