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pinketamine ([personal profile] pinketamine) wrote2015-03-20 12:39 am
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Bunhead's Oversized pants with Vans and Flats

Fifisims requested as GoS two shoe swaps for this lovely mesh by Bunhead, so here they are. I used three colors by Bunhead and a jeans textures by Aikea, which I slightly tweaked and recolored, to get a "boyfriend" kind of look.

Proper shoe sounds and tooltips

Mesh info:
Flats: 966 faces, 779 vertices
Vans: 986 faces, 781 vertices
All morphs.

Fifisims for the request.
Bunhead for the pants mesh and textures.
Amaryll for the flats mesh and texture.
Kayleigh for the vans mesh and texture.