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AutumnParanoia Rocker with Creepers MtF

Whispers requested at GoS a male to female conversion of this rocker outfit with creepers made by FadeToBlack/AutumnParanoia. I liked the style and the challenge so I took the request. I have to admit it was kind of tricky and I tried different things to make it look as good as I could.
The outfit comes in the six original colors, with all shirt being pinstriped. I added a black top under the fishnet so you female sims wouldn't show their boobies. The swatch shows the colors in order so you can choose your faves.

Everyday only
Proper shoe sounds and tooltips

Mesh info:
Polycount: 2834 faces, 2188 vertices
All morphs.

Whispers for the request.
Autumn Paranoia for the original textures.
Yuxi for the meshes.