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HermitFox's Sjokosims Discobuzz lowered

Nat requested at GoS a small modification of this lovely conversion by HermitFox, to lower the hair a bit and reduce the forehead area. Then I retextured the hair with Pooklet's V3 textures and the colors I use. Anyway, I didn't change the mesh name or anything, so you can use it with the older recolors you have if you prefer so.

Works for all ages.
Elders go grey, grey linked to black.
Unnaturals for all ages.

13375 faces, 10238 vertices.Yeah, it's high, like every hair nowadays :S

HermitFox for the 3t2 conversion and the scalp texture.
Sjokosims for the original files.
Pooklet for the textures and colors.
Nat for the request.