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Amaryll's 60s dress with Pixicat's Timberland boots for AF

Crossposted from GoS Monthly Theme, which is awesome and you should totally check. This is a conversion of Pixicat's awesome Timberland boots, which I merged with a lovely body mesh by Amaryll. I thought I had seem these shoes converted somewhere but then I couldn't find them anywhere and I decided it was easier to redo them than continuing looking for them (apparently I suck at searching and finding things).

For the boots, I used the original textures by Pixicat, but my boyfriend liked the boots in this outfit in black better than in the clasic Timberland colors, so he convinced me to just let them black. I like them for this particular outfit, so I guess it's fine. Here you have a tiny image on the shoe detail:

The dress used textures by Amaryll and Needlecream, with color actions by Trapping, slightly modified to suit my tastes better. I also made a pink color because I just felt I needed it, you get eight colors in total.

The animations are not totally flawless, but I thought they were quite decent and was honestly tired of messing with them, so I just left them that way. They're perfectly fine when the sims walk normally though.

Mesh has all morphs.
Proper shoe sound and tooltips.

4106 faces, 3145 vertices.
It is kind of high because of the shoes, but not a really crazy thing.

Amaryll, Sentate and Pixicat for the meshes.
Amaryll, Needlecream and Trapping for the textures and colors.
Ecka for the tights alpha.
Gothplague for the boots I used as a reference for the bone assignment.