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Martini's Kijiko Panda Kang Kang MtF

In the middle ages, Keelek requested at GoS a male to female conversion of the 3to2 conversion Martini did of a Kijiko hair (long story). As you might have noticed if you've kind of folloewd me, I love short hair on my females, so I found this request really interesting. BUT... I was rusty and full of fail, so it took me forever to finish this conversion. I also edited the child and toddler base slightly because the Martini's originals were too big for me, if you see mine in Bodyshop and like them better than Martini's originals I could pop a link for the modified male mesh.

After trying a lot of different textures, I found that I liked the originals (not Kijiko's, but Martini's) the best, so I used them, recolored the base in Pooklet's volatile, because the original blond didn't have that color, and recolored it in the colors I use in my game, both naturals and unnaturals. I'm aware that these colors might not be the ones other people use, so I included the volatile base so people can recolor it at their own tastes.

Works for all ages.
Elders go grey, grey linked to black.
Unnaturals for all ages.

6832 faces, 5704 vertices

Kijiko and Martini for the original mesh.
Martini, Pooklet, Io & Kijiko for the textures.
Pooklet for the colors.