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pinketamine ([personal profile] pinketamine) wrote2015-01-24 06:23 pm
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Buggybooz Kia recolors and two additional meshes

I've always loved the Kia set by Buggybooz and I wanted some additional colors for it, as well as a couple more meshes that I felt could be useful. These have been done for some time, but I seriously suck at taking previews so I'm sharing them now.
Firstly I missed a single bed to match the original double one, so I made it and slaved the frame to the original double bed, so any recolors you have will work for this as well. The bedding is obviously slaved to EAxis one so all beddings should show perfectly.
Then, looking at the bench, I thought I could turn it into a chair and I think the end result is fine.
I sadly forgot to recolor the painting frames, I might add them in a near future.


New meshes polycount:
Bed: 1080 faces, 875 vertices.
Chair: 708 face, 724 vertices.

Buggybooz for the original mesh and textures.
Alfred for the wood color actions.
CuriousB for the colors used in the cushions.
HugeLunatic for pointing me a little mistake I made while master-slaving.