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Kryptonite living

This set contains a loveseat, an armchair, a sofa, a bed, two coffee tables and three lamps. For easy recoloring and space saving, the set is master slaved, you'll see the meshes clearly labeled and separated in folders, so it is REALLY easy to know which are the masters and the slaves. The lamps aren't master-slaved, because apparently they are trickier than other objects, sorry for that.
Loveseat, armchair and bed have two recolorable subsets. Beds have two too, but one is the bedding (they pick EAxis beddings) so you only have one subset for the sofa.
The polycounts on everything are on the low side, all items have less than 1300 polys per tile.

Coffee tables don't have shadows, I'm sorry but they looked like shit so I preferred not to include shitty shadows.
The bed is slightly bigger than it should in the back part, so you'll have to place it manually with "moveObjects on" and "boolprop SnapObjectsToGrid false" cheats.

I have also made some recolors of the seatings, here you have a swatch of the colors:

Everything has custom names and descriptions

Armchair: Faces 1227, vertices 1106
Loveseat: Faces 1836, vertices 1648
Sofa: Faces 2430, vertices 2162
Bed: Faces 5277, vertices 3021
Floor lamp: Faces 654, vertices 708
Medium table lamp: Faces 488, vertices 558
Small table lamp: Faces 344, vertices 414
Coffee table (2x1): Faces 888, vertices 1064
Coffee table (1x1): Faces 818, vertices 984

HolySimoly/Booty for the original meshes and textures
Psychosim and Evanesco for the master-slaving
MustLuvCatz for the help with the lamps
CuriousB/Aikea for explaining to me how to extract TS3 meshes
Anna for the colors, which are based on hers