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Request: Winter Eyes in CuriousB colors

Islandkitty requested at GoS some recolors of Aquilegia's Winter Eyes to match CuriousB color scheme. Well, here they are. Aquileguia's eyes are a bit more cartoony looking than CuriousB's originals, but most colors look perfect on them anyway, there are some which are a bit too bright for my tastes but that a personal thought. Anyway, here's a swatch of the tones:


Genetizacion Info: The eyes are genetiziced in three groups (dominant, recessive and very recessive). There are 25 dominant tones, 42 recessive tones and 13 very recessive. If you don't know which color is which just check here and here.

Aquileguia for the original textures.
CuriousB for the color palette.
Islandkitty for the request.