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Sticky: what you need to know

- No paysites, even free sections of them. This is the most important thing for me. I don't support paysites or anything like that. I know TSR is free now, but I'm not totally fine with them either. I also don't like sites like adfly. So please just avoid this as I don't want any of my content uploaded there.
- Credit is always nice and appreciated. And I don't mean only crediting me, but also those in my credits would be nice.
- You can include my meshes if you make recolors, but please don't change their names incase someone finds some problem with it, so they can directly tell me.
- You can recolor, retexture, modify, etc. anything I made, as long as you follow the previous rules.

Work In Progress:
-TF conversions of various pieces of clothing posted here.

What kind of content will I find here..?
Mostly TS2 stuff, but I also play TS4 and I kind of like how creation works there so you MIGHT find TS4 sutff here too.
You definitely won't find TS3 content, as I fail at creating it.

Yeah, but more specifically you can...
For TS2 I can:
- Modify existing meshes.
- Adding morphs.
- Texture and mesh bodyshop defaults.
- Hair retexturing and minor mesh modification.
- Hair gender conversion.
- Make-up and skin blending.
- Walls and floors.
- Object recolors and retextures.
- Slaving meshes.

For TS4 I haven't really tried yet, but I'm ok with recoloring and retexturing, so that's the things I know I'll be able to do. And I guess that texture defaulting would be ok too.

Can I make requests?
Yes. You can check on the list of things I know how to do and, if you see it fit, you can feel free to make any request you want.

Hair texture and color credits:
I use Pooklet's V3 textures and some of their wonderful actions.
I also like Io's Ennead colors, so you might see them as well.
Wavy textures might come from Nymphy or Nouk. Braid, dreads and similar textures come from Nouk.

Other color actions I like:
- CuriousB's Any color you like and Yeti colors.
- Aelia's different action sets.
- Trapping's clothes, skins and wood actions.
- Furbyq's Cosmic Colors.
- AlfredAskew's marvelous and awesome actions.

Anything else you'd like to know... just feel free to ask.